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IP&C works directly with SickKids clinicians and researchers to transfer their knowledge into products that solve the world’s pressing health challenges. Get your products to patients with IP&C using our stage-gated project pipeline that will help you identify the best pathway for commercialization.

This chart shows the process by which clnical or research groups can engage with IPC to determine whether a discovery or innovation can be commercialized. Oncea person or group has an innovative idea, they enter the pipeline and work with IPC to first assess all commercialization opportunities, then evaluate the innovation, then develop an Intellectual Property strategy if applicable, then determine whether the innovation requires further funding. Then, IPC helps to secure a deal by marketing to investors, finally resulting in a commercializable product. From there, it can be licensed to a corporate partner or turned into a start up company.

Innovator Services

Receive tailored advice on the best commercialization opportunities for your research through IP&C’s project pipeline, with access to a full suite of support services throughout the process.

Benefit from expert advice on the intellectual property value of your research and managing patents, copyrights and intellectual property.

Build meaningful relationships with industry partners to support development of proof-of-concept research for advancing specific technologies.

Discover funding opportunities to further develop commercially relevant research projects.

IP&C’s annual Proof of Principle (PoP) Grant competition helps advance promising SickKids discoveries or inventions towards commercial products, with a view to attract new investment, enable partnerships and create new life science-based companies.

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Connect with an extensive network of ecosystem partners and private investors searching for investment opportunities.

Unlock your future start-up’s potential through entrepreneurship coaching and tailored advice on attracting capital and achieving growth milestones.

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