Exploring Immune Responses in Type One Diabetes Onset

Research led by Dr. Jayne Danska, Senior Scientist in the Genetics and Genome Biology program at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), suggests that immune responses to specific gut bacteria could predict the development of type one diabetes (T1D) and the effectiveness of teplizumab, an immunotherapy treatment recently approved in the USA for delaying T1D onset.

By exploring the influence of the gut microbiome on immune responses in children at risk for T1D, this research identified patterns in antibody responses linked to the time of diabetes diagnosis. The findings, published in Science Translational Medicine, offer a potential pathway for enhanced patient stratification and precise targeting of medical interventions, ensuring that treatments are directed toward those most likely to benefit.

The Industry Partnerships & Commercialization office at SickKids is supporting Danska and her team, fostering partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to propel drug development that could redefine the landscape of T1D care.

Take a closer look at the research findings.

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