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SickKids innovators are on the front lines of health innovation. Working with IP&C, industry partners can access the research and clinical innovation ecosystem at SickKids through:

Areas of expertise

IP&C maintains a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio and has numerous research and clinical inventions available for licensing and development.

These technologies cover many areas of excellence at SickkKids and top market opportunities, including:

  • Anti-Infectives

  • Cardiovascular

  • Cystic Fibrosis

  • Developmental disorders

  • Diagnostics

  • Gene editing

  • Immunology

  • Medical devices

  • Neuromuscular disorders

  • Orphan and rare diseases

  • Paediatric oncology

  • Stem cells and regenerative medicine

Technology highlights

P. Lynne Howell, PhD
Senior Scientist | Molecular Medicine
Novel therapeutic compositions for degrading bacterial and fungal biofilms
Roman Melnyk, PhD
Senior Scientist | Molecular Medicine
A novel cell-penetrant delivery platform applied to a pan-Ras targeting anti-cancer therapy
Christopher Pearson, PhD
Senior Scientist | Genetics & Genome Biology
Methods of treating trinucleotide repeat expansion diseases
Martin Post, PhD
Senior Scientist | Translational Medicine
Engineered human alveolar-like macrophages as a cell therapy for respiratory diseases
Robert Hamilton, MD
Senior Scientist | Translational Medicine
Highly sensitive diagnostic tests for the prevention of sudden cardiac death
Jason Maynes, PhD/MD
Senior Scientist | Molecular Medicine
MATCH: Machine learning algorithms for toxicity and cardiac health
Adam Shlien, PhD
Uri Tabori, MD
Associate Director
Senior Scientist
Translation Genetics
Genetics & Genome Biology
Machine learning-driven NGS-based diagnostic tests to optimize clinical response in oncology
Ryan Yuen, PhD
Scientist | Genetics & Genome Biology
Whole-genome detection and interpretation of repeat expansions in autism and related disorders
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SickKids start-ups

IP&C helps SickKids innovators turn breakthrough research innovation into companies with real impact.

History of innovation at SickKids

From the invention of Pablum to the discovery of the cystic fibrosis gene, SickKids innovators have pushed the boundaries of medicine to help improve the lives of patients in Canada and around the globe. Be a part of innovation history at SickKids by partnering with IP&C.