P. Lynne Howell, PhD

Novel therapeutic compositions for degrading bacterial and fungal biofilms

Roman Melnyk, PhD

A novel cell-penetrant delivery platform applied to a pan-Ras targeting anti-cancer therapy

Christopher Pearson, PhD

Methods of treating trinucleotide repeat expansion diseases

Martin Post, PhD

Engineered human alveolar-like macrophages as a cell therapy for respiratory diseases

Diagnostics & Research Tools

Robert Hamilton, MD

Highly sensitive diagnostic tests for the prevention of sudden cardiac death

Jason Maynes, PhD/MD

MATCH: Machine learning algorithms for toxicity and cardiac health

Adam Shlien, PhD | Uri Tabori, MD

Machine learning-driven NGS-based diagnostic tests to optimize clinical response in oncology

Ryan Yuen, PhD

Whole-genome detection and interpretation of repeat expansions in autism and related disorders