IP&C’s annual Commercial Proof of Principle (PoP) grant competition helps advance promising SickKids discoveries or inventions towards commercial products, with a view to attract new investment, enable partnerships and create new life science-based companies. Recipients receive project funding and support services to position them for the next step on their path towards commercialization: partnership, licensing or start-up formation.

Applications will be reviewed by the PoP competition committee where top projects will be invited to present a “Dragon’s Den” style pitch.

To learn more about the PoP grant competition, contact the IP&C office at ask.ipc@sickkids.ca.

Application deadline is on July 12th, 2024.

Total funds awarded through PoP to support innovation at SickKids
YearAwardPrincipal InvestigatorProject TitleClassification
2016$100,000Dr. Charles DeberDevelopment of novel antimicrobial peptides against bacterial biofilmsTherapeutic
2017$100,000Dr. Brian KavanaghNegative abdominal pressure for injured lungsMedical Device
2017$100,000Dr. Roman MelnykAdvancing the development of a potent RAS-targeted therapeuticTherapeutic
2018$56,000Dr. Adrian JamesSteerable Endoscopic Ear Surgery InstrumentMedical Device
2018$99,680Dr. Jason MaynesMachine Learning Algorithms for Toxicity and Cardiac Health (MATCH)Therapeutic
2018$148,199Dr. Jean-Philippe JulienIn vivo evaluation of the multabody platform for cancer immunotherapyTherapeutic
2019$100,000Dr. Robert HamiltonAutoantibodies to Actin, Keratin and Connexin as biomarkers/mechanisms for Brugada SyndromeDiagnostic
2019$99,800Dr. Cynthia HawkinsClinical development of liquid biopsy for cancer detection and monitoringDiagnostic
2019$100,000Dr. Lynne HowellBioactive surfaces to prevent microbial biofilmsMedical Device
2021$100,000Dr. Christine BearDeveloping a small molecule CFTR potentiator as a therapy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or bronchitisTherapeutic
2021$100,000Dr. Maryse BouchardNovel Dynamic Foot Abduction Bar for Clubfoot Brace TreatmentMedical Device
2021$100,000Dr. Xi HuangTreating glioblastoma using an ion channel-targeting designer interference peptideTherapeutic
2022$100,000Dr. Roman MelnykAdvancing the development of gut-restricted bile acid derivatives to treat C. difficile diseaseTherapeutic
2022$100,000Dr. Steve PrescottAutomated pain behavior testing in miceMedical Device
2022$100,000Dr. Xi HuangIdentifying potassium channel modulators to target brain tumor-initiating cellsTherapeutic
2023$100,000Dr. Lu-Yang WangInnovating Positive Allosteric Modulators of Potassium Channels to Treat EpilepsyTherapeutic
2023$100,000 Dr. Xi HuangIdentifying Small Molecule Potassium Channel Inhibitors as Novel Cancer TherapeuticsTherapeutic
2023$100,000Dr. John ParkinsonSmart Capsule for Non-Invasive Targeted Sampling and Delivery in the GutMedical Device