Proof of Principle Grant Competition

IP&C’s annual Proof of Principle grant competition helps advance promising SickKids discoveries or inventions towards commercial products, with a view to attract new investment, enable partnerships and create new life science-based companies. Recipients receive project funding and support services to position them for the next step on their path towards commercialization: partnership, licensing or start-up formation.

Total funds awarded through POP to support innovation at SickKids
Year Award Principal Investigator Project Title Classification
2016 $100,000 Dr. Charles Deber Development of novel antimicrobial peptides against bacterial biofilms Therapeutic
2017 $100,000 Dr. Brian Kavanagh Negative abdominal pressure for injured lungs Medical Device
2017 $100,000 Dr. Roman Melnyk Advancing the development of a potent RAS-targeted therapeutic Therapeutic
2018 $56,000 Dr. Adrian James Steerable Endoscopic Ear Surgery Instrument Medical Device
2018 $99,680 Dr. Jason Maynes Machine Learning Algorithms for Toxicity and Cardiac Health (MATCH) Therapeutic
2018 $148,199 Dr. Jean-Philippe Julien In vivo evaluation of the multabody platform for cancer immunotherapy Platform
Total: $603,879